Humor: an Example of a Cv Not to Be Reproduced!

Lying on your CV is a widespread practice all over the world… But between inflating the importance of your position a little and inventing skills or a perfect mastery of rare foreign languages, there is a step! Obviously, it is strongly discouraged to cheat on your CV, the checks being quite simple to perform anyway… But it’s very tempting, especially when you think that your experience is not sufficient. This is probably the case of the poor little guy in this drawing, who inflates his skills a little too much! On the left, what is written on the CV; reality on the right. Well seen ! And the strip scratches in passing the ready-made expressions seen and reviewed on the CVs. 

Lying on Your Cv Is a Widespread


For non-English speakers, the translation is available below the image. From September 27 to October 28, the Regions Job Tour took place; a convivial event South Africa Phone Number during which you were able to meet our bus to gather advice on the use of our services, but above all to take part in a major video contest. The objective was to answer the question: “When I grow up, what will be my dream job?” “Very original contributions were there, thank you all for playing the game! Internet users’ votes decided the winners. Here are a few videos that topped the charts! All the winning videos are visible on the contest website, as well as the making of the Regions Job Tour.

Perfect Mastery of Rare Foreign Languages

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And you can also review all participating videos on the Dailymotion When I Grow Up page. regions job tour When I grow up, I’ll be Barbie The big winner of our contest! Coralie’s video was acclaimed by Internet users, and she therefore won an iPad 2. Congratulations! When I grow up, I will be a horse diver With her very wacky job, Marine is in second place. Horse diver, a job with a future? When I grow up, I’ll be a flight attendant A dream job is not necessarily inaccessible: Pricillia tells us about her travel desires! When I grow up, I will be a pianist-designer After travel, art! Rather than choosing between two disciplines, why not combine them, like Aurélie?

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