How to Properly Manage Your Online Presence

“If there’s something about you that no one needs to know, maybe you shouldn’t talk about it in the most prominent place.” The phrase of Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, could adapt to your presence on the whole web. Whether you post a blog post, a Facebook status, or even a comment, these have an impact on your e-reputation. The infographic below tells us that 48% of recruiters visit candidates’ personal sites before making their choice; your name will be typed into a search engine in nearly four out of five cases! Some companies go so far as to scrutinize forums… and even video game sites. Some places are to be mastered to improve your online presence, including blogs, sites, and social networks. Being active on the Internet therefore presents some dangers, but you should not panic: well managed, your online actions can be a real asset, with a view to recruitment for example.

The Phrase of Eric Schmidt


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Whether You Post a Blog Post

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