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The future of the back-end will be. And artificial intelligence, and there is not such a big gap between the front-end and the back-end. Many back-ends are also learning the front-end and using. Them well, and everything is interoperable. This means that for front-end designers. There is no need to study how to perfectly. Match the wechat client, because Algeria Phone Number these wechat teams. Have already defined it for you. You only need to design your applet according to the official definition. For programmers, the wechat team of cloud space. Underlying architecture, and framework. Code has also been defined for you. You only need to care about the code. Writing work of the applet itself.

In This Sense, Algeria Phone Number

There is not much difference between an old driver and a novice. Developer (not a novice) in the development of small programs. 3. What does mini program mean to traditional enterprises? The development cost. Is relatively reduced, and the traffic dividend is relatively. Obvious the reduction of development cost is mainly Algeria Phone Number reflected in two aspects. The first is to overcome the incompatibility of different platforms to a certain extent, and enterprises no longer have. To develop different software for different. Versions of the operating system, saving a lot of time and manpower. The second is to use a simpler js language. Which is simpler than languages ​​such as jave.

Another Biggest Advantage Algeria Phone Number

Algeria Phone Number

Of mini programs is that they are grafted into. Wechat, the king of social networking. With the same functional attributes of apps and mini programs, the. Advantage of mini programs is that they can explode rapidly through social fission. If coupled with better operation, its user growth. Rate is much faster than the app. Have to contend Algeria Phone Number with the entrance if a large number of native apps flood into. Wechat mini-programs. App operators will face the same environment. As yingbaobao, which needs to compete, compete for user traffic. And eager to spread. Even, compared to the user’s mobile phone desktop, wechat mini-programs are located in a location. Two levels deep or even more deep. Making it more difficult to spread. Therefore, the problem faced by app operators now is that it.

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