How to Link: 9 Link Building Tips for Better SEO

n the ever-changing world of SEO, many strategies that were once impactful are now obsolete. But link building, even though it has been around since the very beginning of SEO, is still one of the most important SEO strategies there is. Of course, link building itself has undergone some changes since the beginning. Your knowledge of link building may not be up to date. That’s why we’ve put together this 2018 link-building guide. Read the tips below to learn how to build links like a pro. ask your friends Chances are you already know some people who have websites. If your friend’s and family members’ websites are relevant to your niche, see if they will link to your site. They might post a review of your site or use you as a source in an article. Reach influencers “Influencer” is fancy SEO language for an authority in your niche. Logo Designs service Building relationships with influencers will lead the people who trust them to also trust you. So prepare your schmooze. You can contact influencers to ask if they will post a review about your product or service.

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Unboxing Videos and Product Comparison

videos are popular types of reviews you can offer them. But the easiest way to get an influencer backlink is to use a guest post. guest post Guest posting is one of the best link-building tools you can use. It’s easy, it’s legit, and Google won’t blame you for doing it. Guest posting for backlinks means writing a post on someone else’s site and including a link to your website. However, as simple as it may seem, there are always rules. Follow these tips for maximum backlink effectiveness/not getting rejected by the website or Google. First, make sure your post is of high quality. Second, use ONLY ONE link to your site. Filling your post with multiple backlinks will make the host site, readers, and Google hates you. Third, choose your anchor text wisely. You will need to do some keyword research for this.

You Want Your Backlink/anchor Text to Natural

sound be relevant use highly rated keywords Backlinks with proper anchor text are like fuel for your search rankings. You can easily contact some websites in your niche to find out if they will allow you to write a guest post. Or, even easier, post on sites that actively invite guest bloggers. Huffington Post and are good examples of user-friendly sites. Write awesome, shareable lists One way to get tons of backlinks is to create awesome content that people will want to link to. List-style posts are perfect for this purpose. For one thing, listicles are extremely popular right now. People are addicted to listicles and click/share them like crazy. That’s because listings always give people the best of what they’re talking about.


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