How to Choose a Secure Password?

When you browse a website, registration is not always mandatory; but with the development of online tools and social networks you often have to provide identification. And there, it’s always the same dilemma: which username to choose, and especially which password? On the one hand, you have the temptation to keep the same username/password combination on all sites. Only, it is not very efficient for security. If someone discovers your identifiers will be able to access all your digital data.

This is not always possible either, because the requirements for passwords vary from one site to another (some platforms require numbers, special characters, a certain number of characters…). The other solution is therefore to choose a different password for each service. But beware of forgetting! Remembering all your passwords becomes more complicated as the number of personal accounts increases. Other intermediate solutions exist, such as OpenID .

When You Browse a Website


The idea is to connect via your Google or Facebook account for example, on other sites: thus, you only remember a password, and this connection information does Kazakhstan Phone Number not are only stored on Google or Facebook servers. In any case, if you can’t do much about the security of the sites you visit, simple rules exist to make your identifiers as complex as possible: avoid simple passwords .

Include both lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters for example. It is also advisable to renew your connection information regularly, to avoid proper names and personal information (date of birth, city of residence, age, etc.). Know that in eight characters, there are nearly 650 billion possibilities!

The Other Solution Is Therefore

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In an infographic, discover the practices to avoid, how to easily remember your passwords, and some statistics.  On this day of blackout to protest against SOPA and PIPA , initiatives are multiplying, and not only in the United States, the land of origin of these bills. As proof, this excellent song by JCFrog seen on the Download Helper home page . A somewhat sad song for a subject that is no less so… It’s very well done! A rather original and very well done means of protest. The message gets through.

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