How My Blog And Business Started

We also lived in our brand new home for a little over a year! In 2019, we built a house, which is a silver lining for us because we’ve been at home. Over the years, I have enjoyed sharing my income reports. Without a doubt, my favorite income report is my first. After just four months of blogging , I made $60 , which gave me the motivation to keep going. After my first income report, I was busy for the next six months. I work a long day as an interior architect and designer and use all my spare time to start a business. I’ve spent most of my time building this blog and learning something new every day.

Learn to Interpret Google

If you want to start a blog, I have tips and ideas here. I also accidentally started freelancing as Pinterest’s virtual assistant. After my blog traffic soared due to my Pinterest strategy, I shared a blog Austria WhatsApp Number List post that went viral. From there, other bloggers contacted me and asked me to help them grow their Pinterest presence.

Although I never considered freelancing, I jumped at the opportunity and said yes. I couldn’t find anyone else offering these services, so I coined the term Pinterest virtual assistant and got to work! Learn how to become a Pinterest VA here.

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Before I knew it, I was working an average of $3,600 a month since I was still doing my day job. If you want to hire a Pinterest VA to help with your blog or business, you can fill out my free Pinterest VA finder. To date, I’ve helped hundreds of clients work with my students and alumni, going from my best-selling program to being a Pinterest VA TODAY! , which I launched in 2016.

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