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That is, although there has been an abrupt drop in desktop advertising. In mobile devices the situation has not been as dramatic. It has remained more or less flat between before and after the impact of the crisis. In-app growth in addition, in some scenarios. The situation was very different. The viewing of in-app ads rose above what was achieved in the last christmas campaign. The data is different in the open market. Where pre-impact to post-impact of the coronavirus purchases fell by 15%. Than in the programmatic marketplaces. In the latter, the volume grew overwhelmingly, with a rise of 65%.

In fact, taking the pmp data (from private programmatic marketplaces). The in-app grew well above what happened with the rest of the environments. It grew much more than the desktop, which experienced a 20% drop. But also B2b email list than the mobile web, which rose 28%. This growth was also generalized in all markets. In america it was 99% and in apac 167%. In emea, the market in which europe is integrated. The increase was 96%. What happens to the video the in-app advertising market is not the only one that has experienced an outstanding situation these weeks.

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It has also happened with video ads, which have closed a complex quarter. Although from the outset advertisers have cut more video than other advertising formats because it is the most expensive, as warc recalls, the final data is not as bad as it might seem. The key is that before the crisis it had grown so much that the final calculation of what has happened in the first quarter of the year has not been so bad. The crisis accelerates the change and, finally and in conclusion, it could be said that the crisis has served to accelerate a change that was already underway.


If before the coronavirus crisis the emerging trend was the migration of advertising investment from desktop to mobile, now that situation is much clearer. At the beginning of march, mobile accounted for 48% of global ad spend in online impressions. Now it is already at 50.9%.Udima distance university of madrid degree in marketing to train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills udima distance university of madrid degree in marketing to train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills when the coronavirus crisis erupted with an increasingly global reach in mid-march, companies and brands had to make quick decisions when it came to their marketing and advertising strategy.

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Many were and only a few. Pioneers launched special campaigns in those early days. That appealed to what was happening. The campaigns all had a feel good will in common and were committed. To transmitting unquestionable values. Such as the recommendations to stay at home. At first, those ads attracted attention because they were unique. No one was advertising linked to the coronavirus. After the first few weeks, more and more brands and companies. Joined the strategy of using advertising normally (that is, launching ads). But doing it with a theme that was. Not the usual (the ads were focused on the moment in which they appeared).

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