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If you run a business blog, chances are you ask this question often. And when you think of an answer, it’s tempting to focus on creating something new. A new post, covering a new trend, describing a new innovation, explaining a new technique… But there’s another — often underused  Photo Restoration— tactic that can help bring lots of new visitors to your blog: updating your old posts . In this guide, we’ll outline the benefits of blog post updates and teach you how to apply this method to your own blogging strategy. The blogger’s blind spot As content marketers and bloggers, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting content ideas that we hope will delight our readers and outshine our competitors.


For example,  Photo Restoration HubSpot found that 76%

of their blog views and 92% of their blog leads came from posts that were over a month old. Similarly, in a Databox study of marketing experts, nearly half Photo Restoration of respondents receive up to 80% of their blog traffic Photo Restoration from older posts. But theBut too often we forget that we’re usually already sitting on a gold mine of old content that has the potential to shine again with just a little TLC. In fact, older posts are often the main source of traffic for business blogs.

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The problem with Photo Restoration most business blogs is

That old posts get left behind. It’s a wasted opportunity… Why is updating old blog .Posts a good idea? Refreshing content from your old blog can provide an incredible return on investment for your business. Here are five ways post . Updates can benefit your inbound marketing efforts.boost traffic and rankings save time and resources create .A better user experience maintain brand consistency improve conversion rates let’s take a look at each perk in turn: 1) increase traffic and rankings. Revamping an old blog post can provide remarkable seo results. When hubspot first tested the

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