High Costs Of Severance Pay And HR

High costs of severance pay and HR bureaucratic expenses; Marketing Directors Email Lists on training and onboarding new employees. Such as onboarding salespeople ; visibly empty and underused facilities. Generating unnecessary maintenance and rent expenses; productive idleness. With machines and equipment stopped. Even with demand; bad organizational climate in the company ; reputation as a company that does not attract or keep employees spreading in the market. Also read : How to set up sales training: do you need to put on a show? As you’ve seen.

All These Symptoms Are Alarming!

But we repeat : an eventual strategic move by the company that is leading to such situation must be taken into account. Anyway. Steps need to be taken. In a previous post. We commented when to carry out an organizational climate survey. Which we will address next. Read more about it here: When to apply an employee satisfaction survey? How to avoid turnover in companies? Several measures must be employed to avoid high employee turnover in the company. The first one is definitely to do an organizational climate survey! Organizational weather research It is not always easy to detect the reasons that lead to high employee turnover in companies.

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That Is Why The Organizational

That is why the organizational climate survey is essential for a proper diagnosis. It will be useless to increase salaries and benefits. For example. If the real problem is something else. Such as lack of career prospects. Training or structures and equipment to work properly. Business turnover The climate survey helps to detect the reasons for turnover in the company To get an idea. A good organizational climate survey should check for factors such as these: Is the company a good place to work? Are there adequate working conditions?

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