Growth Hacking Is The Right Mindset


Growth Hacking is the right mindset for Marketing and Sales teams that don’t have time to VP HR Email List. And the same goes for Content Hacking. It’s not surprising. Then. That it was developed in the startup phase of companies like Dropbox. Logmein or Eventbrite. As every day is a time trial. Startups must maximize the use of all the tools at their disposal to achieve economic growth goals as quickly as possible. If we think of content marketing as one of these tools. Then we have to assume that it can also be “hacked” to generate quick revenue for the company.

We Talk About Revenue

We talk about revenue and economic growth because Growth Hacking does not focus on goals that. For a startup. Are still superfluous. Such as brand awareness. The focus is on ROI. So each Growth Marketing action has kpis oriented towards financial return: sqls generated. Demos performed. Number of registrations. Number of sales. And so on. Thus. The concept of “Content Hacking” arises. Which is nothing more than applying these principles of Growth Hacking to Content. Framework de Content Hacking

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Define Content Objective

Define content objective and kpis 2. Establish the personas and the corresponding step 3. Explore ideas through hypotheses 4. Prioritize the hypotheses 5. Test hypotheses with the greatest impact and least difficulty 6. Analyze the results 7. Apply the winning hypothesis on a grand scale Conclusion So let’s start by figuring out what it takes to “hack” your Content! Let’s go? Creativity Thinking “outside the box” is what allows you to find the hacks (literally. The “gaps”). Which are the true opportunities for exponential growth. Trying more of the same won’t bring anything new. Which is why growth hackers insist so much on lateral thinking. Data analysis

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