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To create an effective marketing strategy, you need to know who needs to play a leading role in marketing and sales. In this framework, if your answers to questions about price, market size, complexity, etc. Are skewed to the left of the chart, then the market should play a leading role in the go-to-market strategy. If most of the UK Phone Number answers are on the right side of the chart, then sales should play a leading role in the marketing strategy. How to develop a successful marketing strategy? Answer these 7 questions first sales serve the market for situations on the left side of the chart, the market plays a leading role.

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Marketing leads to demand. Marketing activities can arouse a strong. Desire to buy products on their. Own. At this point, sales serve the market by creating “scenarios.” this means that sales connect distributors, retailers and merchants. So that products UK Phone Number will appear on the market. Essentially, a “scene” is where a customer buys a product. Going back to the example of crest toothpaste and aircraft engines, you can look at the culture of the market-driven company procter & gamble. One of the most important positions within p&g is the product manager responsible for branding, advertising, pr, product launches, and more.

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For cases on the right side of the chart, sales play a leading role. In this case, the market’s responsibility is to find potential qualified leads. And pass them on to the sales department. Sales department personnel process various leads through. An organized UK Phone Number pipeline structure. For the sales department, the core of success is converting valuable leads into real customers. How have the positions of both sales. And marketing evolved? It is worth noting. Here that when placing companies on these axes. The market plays the most dominant role. When it is on the far left of the x-axi.and sales plays the strongest role. When it is on the far right of the x-axis.

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