Google Play Replaces Android Market

Put yourself in Google’s shoes. What to do when Apple is about to make its keynote, announcing the iPad 3 and probably many other novelties? Take the lead and announce a big launch the day before, of course! The Mountain View giant created the event yesterday by announcing the opening of Google Play. A centralizing service that should offer a great range of services to Android users, regardless of their device. Google Play includes Google Music, Google Books and Google Video, not to mention Android applications and games. The platform thus offers rich and heterogeneous content, a central point of the activities of Android users. The latter will be able to connect their smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions to it… One more step in the competition with iTunes? google play The site is ergonomically very successful.

Put Yourself in Google’s Shoes


Clear and intuitive, it should appeal to Android fans. But (because there is a but) these beautiful features are only available in the United States for the moment… Google Play Sweden Phone Number List in France only contains games and applications (like the Android Market at the time does not sum), Google Music, Google Video and Google Books have not yet been launched in France. This will still allow you to see how this new platform will impose itself against the omnipotence of Apple… And promotions are available to celebrate the release with downloads at 20 cents in particular, it’s time to take advantage. Yesterday, we presented an extension allowing you to know the sites that track your activities on the Internet , Collusion. In the same vein, here is Privacy Score, which indicates the trackers present on the sites you visit, and returns a “privacy score”.

The Site Is Ergonomically Very Successful

Sweden Phone Number List
Sweden Phone Number List


You can enter the name of the site you wish to analyze on Privacy Score , or, more simply, install the extension available for Chrome and Firefox, which will automatically detect which one you are browsing is present in its database, and return the score directly. Privacy Score What does this privacy score contain? It is actually made up of two distinct elements, each rated out of 50. First, Privacy Score looks at the site’s privacy policy, according to several criteria.

Whether or not to share the user’s personal data Processing data deletion requests Does the site in question notify you if the government requests information about you? Confidentiality is assured, on the part of the access provider The second part of the note concerns the activity of the trackers present, and their characteristics. Do they provide anonymity? Are there limits to what they can analyze? Can we choose to remove them? How many months do they keep personal data? Does the company that installs them adhere to a charter of best practices?

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