Google Is Cleaning Up Its Services

We knew that Google used to clean up its services. Indeed, if some are a hit, others are experiencing bitter failures… For lack of users, and in order not to disperse, Google therefore chooses to simply wipe them off the map. And this even if some Internet users remain addicted to some, too bad for them! The example of Google Wave, failure on the part of the general public but success of esteem for some aficionados (me first, I admit…), is striking. Willingness to refocus on services that work, or to expend energy on more promising projects? One thing is certain, the projects announced at the end should not be missed by many people… And their disappearance should take place in the most total indifference.

We Knew That Google Used to Clean Up Its Services


After announcing last year the closure of Google Labs and then about thirty other services since (Image labeler, Sidewiki, Knol, Buzz, Jaiku…), here is the last round of the virtual waste disposal center announced by Larry’s teams Page. Google Sync for Blackberry: BB users wishing Chinese Phone Number List to synchronize their Google data on several phones will be delighted… Google Flu Vaccine Finder: say goodbye to tracking flu outbreaks. One pass: this platform for buying press titles will also close its doors. Google related: it allowed to obtain additional information on the pages you visited. Not anymore. The Google Talk web app: only the dedicated Android app will remain. Picasa Web Albums Uploader for Mac and Picasa Web Albums Plugin for iPhoto: Mac users should refer to Picasa 3.9.

Google Sync for Blackberry

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That’s not all, changes are expected in several APIs (Google Maps, Youtube, …) in the coming months. Spring cleaning has no date announced yet, but get ready, Winter is coming. Do you think you are unbeatable when it comes to music? Do you want to test your knowledge in this area? The Music Pop Quiz site offers you a musical quiz that should interest you. Start by choosing your musical style from the dozen choices available: pop, dans, jazz, hip hop, electronic music…

You’re spoiled for choice. Once you have made your choice, you can start the quiz. Several types of questions are asked. You must thus identify the artist who interprets the music which is played among the different proposals, recognize a singer according to his photo or the album which corresponds to the sound in progress. It’s up to you to score as many points as possible to enter the top 20 of the musical category in question.

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