Google Chrome Dethrones Internet Explorer and Becomes the Most Used Browser

This is not the first time this has happened; but this time, it’s here to stay! Google’s browser had already passed Internet Explorer: first a day, then a weekend… This time, Google Chrome became the most used browser according to data collected by Stat Counter for an entire week. And the period analyzed is important: indeed, when we look at the use of the different browsers, we notice a certain weekly periodicity. For a long time, Internet Explorer has been used more than its competitors, from Monday to Friday. Employees do not necessarily have the choice of the browser they use at work. However, the weekend was a better time for Google Chrome; and Safari to a lesser extent. Here, for example, is the data collected each day over the past two months (Internet Explorer in blue, Google Chrome in green, Mozilla Firefox in orange, Safari in gray, and Opera in red). The weekly periodicity is therefore clearly visible.

This Is Not the First Time This Has Happened


Over the past week, from May 14 to 20, Google Chrome has therefore overtaken Internet Explorer. The curves clearly tightened between Monday and Friday, and the dominance of Google’s browser was stronger than usual this weekend. When we look at weekly usage since 2010, the curves intersect for the first time, and this trend should be confirmed in the coming weeks. Given the progress of UAE Phone Number List Google Chrome. The resistance of Mozilla Firefox, and the regular recession of Internet Explorer… The latter could well become the third browser by the end of the year. If it originally designates a computer enthusiast, or even someone a little weird, the term “geek” is today a much broader catch-all… Which would eventually almost designate anyone uses a computer or a smartphone, right? Far from being a pride at the base, it is now very chic to be a geek, even if we do not really know what that covers.

Internet Explorer Has Been Used

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To see more clearly on the social rise of the geek, from teasing to recognition, I recommend the very funny report The Revenge of the Geeks , which takes stock of the phenomenon. This infographic also promises us to better understand “the sacred order of geeks”, and goes around the different categories of geeks that we can meet… Finally, we are all a bit of someone’s geek. The übergeek : one geek to rule them all! He codes fluently in 5 different languages… The Apple fanboy geek: He uses the word “intuitive” as often as possible. He can be spotted in Apple Stores, helping people, when he isn’t even working there. The geek-chic : she knows the first names of all the chefs of starred restaurants. The cosplay geek: he brandishes his ax in each photo The Star Wars geek : He knows the parsec is a measure of distance, not time. He’s at war with the Star Trek geek. The Star Trek Geek : He knows 10 different ways to say “Honor” in Klingon. He’s at war with the Star Wars geek. The pop-culture geek: She knows the entire history of the Kardashian dynasty.

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