Google Calls on Your Creativity!

If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably had fun with wacky queries that allow visitors to find your site. Sometimes, we wonder what could have gone through the minds of Internet users! The blog How to become a ninja for free also offers an anthology of absurd expressions authentically typed on Google… At the end of the year, the search engine is having fun with this style of request. And is offering a little game all in illustrations. Google called on designers, who each placed their characters in original situations: all of them had previously carried out a search on the famous engine. Which was it? With this game, Google wants to unleash your creativity! The goal is to find the funniest or most original request possible. For each illustration, you can submit your version of the story, and each Internet user can vote for their favorite expression.

We Wonder What Could Have Gone Through


Nothing to gain here, only glory. Browse the proposals already made is quite funny. When you want to edit a photo, you can use specific software. In general, these are very Namibia Phone Number comprehensive. Only, they don’t only have advantages: they often take a long time to learn, and you don’t always have an hour in front of you to do your editing. Today, there are a significant number of online tools. Some are adapted to a particular editing style, others are reserved for the most experienced or, on the contrary, for novices. We have selected for you 10 online sites to correct your photos, free and without registration. Funky Picture funkyphoto The site allows you to style your favorite photo in seconds.

Google Wants to Unleash Your Creativity

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Namibia Phone Number List


You just have to upload your photo from your computer, the site then takes care of applying 6 different styles to it. All you have to do is save the one you prefer, and you’re done. Note that you do not need to register for the service, but it adds an advertisement at the bottom right of your photo. . You can upload a photo from your computer, via its address, or from applications (Facebook, Flickr, Picasa…). Then, you are free to perform classic retouching (red eye, rotation, crop, contrasts…), effects (patchwork, circle bokeh, black and white…), add decorations, accentuate or soften the sharpness, add layers , play on the curves… In short, a really comprehensive online tool, with a user-friendly interface for those who are not used to expert photo editing software.

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