Google Bar: New Design for Google

Google continues to harmonize its services, and the perfect integration of its Google+ social network. Over time, Google has indeed sought to rationalize the presentation of its various products, and to encourage those who already use one or the other to go further in their uses. Mail, agenda, videos with Youtube, photos with Picasa… It is quite possible not to have to leave Google to manage a whole lot of things. Google has just unveiled its new layout to improve the experience of its users. No more horizontal bar at the top of the screen! From now on, Google will be vertical. On the left, a click on the logo allows you to expand all the services. The search field in the middle will allow you to perform a query specifically on the Google product you are using: it will be rather practical to use, especially for photos, the calendar…

Google Continues to Harmonize


Google+ will be present permanently in top right of your screen, with a button to easily share content on your profile, and activity notifications. Google bar Google explains these changes by the desire to increase the visibility of these services. And of course Romania Phone Number to improve their interoperability. We also note the means implemented to encourage the use of Google+, the latest addition to the Moutan View galaxy. a major rationalization effort has been made, in parallel with the abandonment of certain services which have not found success … Finally, a very educational short video to explain these changes.  In less than a month, you should have wrapped up your Christmas gifts. The problem is often to find ideas that are out of the ordinary. In addition, this year you have decided: you will offer more original gifts than a salt and pepper assortment.

Google Has Just Unveiled Its New Layout

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If among your friends, some of your friends swear by the iPhone, or on the contrary their Android smartphone, play more than 2 hours a day at Angry Birds, and would like to have R2-D2 as a pet droid, we have what you need. should. Discover our selection of 40 geeky gifts for Christmas, for all budgets. Of course, you can also offer them! 1. A Portal turret, sound and light – Offer-you Whoever you want an authentic Aperture Science turret! You press a button, it lights up and says a cult phrase from the game, at random. Are you still there? I don’t hate you. portal-turret 2. Angry Birds 5 Plush Assortment – For Christmas, offer Angry Birds stuffed animals! You can choose to take a pack of 5 birds or 4 pigs . It is also possible to buy all the birds in the game, individually.

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