Getting to Know SEO in the World of Digital Marketing

Knowing SEO in the world of digital marketing is a must for a digital marketer or content writer who writes various articles about products on the company’s blog or website . By understanding and implementing good and correct SEO, your company’s blog or website can appear in the top rankings in Google search results. Of course this will affect the success of digital marketing activities in order to promote the products they have. In this article, Campus Digital will briefly introduce SEO to you. Come on, focus first and absorb the following knowledge!

What is SEO?
SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization which can help optimize a company’s blog or website so that it can appear in the highest rankings in search results. A high ranking will increase organic traffic from related company blogs or websites . The use of good SEO will also help in getting the right traffic according to the target audience and the main purpose of a blog or company website .

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How Does SEO Work?
A search engine has an algorithm that determines the ranking of content in search results. One of the biggest search engines today is Google . However, Google ‘s algorithm is always changing all the time. This happens because Google wants to phone number in italy provide better, more relevant and solution search results for its users. As a businessman or digital marketer , you must follow the updates from this Google algorithm so that SEO optimization runs properly. Currently, there are several SEO indicators that are in accordance with Google ‘s algorithm such as URL structure, use of SSL/TLS, topics in content, search intent, content structure, meta tags , backlinks , and the speed of your company’s website .

Types of SEO You Must Know
There are two SEOs that are interrelated and have an important role in the SEO practice of a blog or your company’s website , namely:

1. SEO On Page

On-page SEO is an optimization step

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that you can do on your website . On page SEO optimization steps consist of permalinks , content structure, content titles, website speed , use of headings , responsive themes and internal links .

2. SEO Off Page
In the first place. Off page SEO is an optimization step that you can do outside the website . This optimization step is influenced by several things, one of which is backlinks or inbound links . This will be even better if many quality websites direct their uploads to your website ‘s content . If you have this, it is likely that Google will rank your website higher because it is considered a website with high credibility.

In the first place. Well, how? Are you interested in understanding more about SEO techniques for your company website ? For those of you who are interested in understanding SEO techniques further, you can take a digital marketing course at Campus Digital . You will meet professional digital marketers who are ready to guide you in the world of digital marketing . Come on, register now for the better progress of your business!

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