Gamorlive: the Geolocated Multiplayer Games Platform

Spotted during a start-up weekend in Nice, Gamorlive is the growing geolocated multiplayer gaming platform! A few months ago, we met Pascal Boudier , one of the founders. He comes back today with us on the Gamorlive adventure, the evolution of the platform for several months, and announces the launch of a beta version open to all! Can you introduce Gamorlive again for those who don’t know yet? Gamorlive is the first game portal that finally makes you rediscover the pleasure of multiplayer gaming on mobile.

Players compete in duels and in real time on our games to become the master of the neighborhood and conquer their city. The Battle spirit, human against human, is at the heart of the Gamorlive experience. The action takes place as follows: to conquer his city, the player is free to choose his playing field, which is called Game Spot .

Can You Introduce Gamorlive Again for Those Who Don’t Know Yet?


It can be his house, a bar, a store or even a monument like the Eiffel Tower. Once the Game Spot has been chosen, the player selects his favorite game to launch his duel, he has the choice of weapons. For each duel, players earn experience points, associated with Game Spots . They thus increase their level, until they win the title of master of the place. It’s free and it will always be. As soon as the USA Phone Number List beta ends, players will be able to bet virtual currency on their duels.

This currency will be exchangeable for gifts and vouchers that can be used with online stores. Feel free to watch our teaser: Where are you in your project since our last interview? Gamorlive has crossed several levels. A little over a month ago, the private beta ended with about a hundred users, thanks to which we received a lot of interesting feedback.

Where Are You in Your Project Since Our Last Interview?

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USA Phone Number List


This allowed us to significantly change the user experience. Today, Gamorlive went into public beta. Everyone can participate for free by connecting to Gamorlive with the browser of their smartphone, tablet or computer, regardless of the OS (Android, Windows, IOS). Two very cool games are available and many more are on the way. Finally, in addition to the new design, improvements and novelties are added, every week, on Thursday, on the occasion of Gamorlive Battle Day , the meeting of the community, to discover on our Facebook page . How is the beta phase going, which has just started? Great, we have a very active small community of players. This phase is very important because we are experimenting with lots of ideas, coming from the users themselves. For this we rely on the Gamorlab (our laboratory blog) and social networks which function as a suggestion box open to users and game developers.

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