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This will help you avoid having to pay sales tax twice, once when you buy your materials and again when you pay your state taxes. Once you’ve chosen your structure, it is important to request an Employer Tax Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service, any business that sells a product or service must have one.

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The ETIN is used to identify your business by entities such as Federal Ecuador WhatsApp Number List State, Local, and other agencies the regulate businesses. These numbers are free, you DO NOT need to pay to get one; simply request one by completing the online form on the page. Certain types of businesses require licenses. For instance if you are opening up a restaurant you must have food handling permits. Pre-opening inspections, and require all employees to obtain an individual license to handle food as well.

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Check your local and state licensing facilities for specific information pertaining to your business. Accounting I cannot emphasize this enough! Keeping track of your income and expenses as you incur them will save you many headaches come tax time. Depending on your business structure there are certain tax regulations you must abide by in addition to your government taxes.

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