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From Marketing We Had Michel Carla Fonseca from BI4All. Vanda de Jesus from Microsoft. On the Sales side. Nuno Santos from Gfi. Bernardo Mota from Olisipo and Joana Peixoto from Opensoft. Therefore, Pocket  – Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists for IT companies In this podcast. Managers Jéssica Braga from Ascenty and Vera Serrador from Warpcom talk about the challenges and dynamics of Marketing Management in IT companies. Pocket Marketing – Content Marketing Strategies for IT Companies Strategies and practical insights on Content for IT companies by experts Rafael Rez from Consultoria Web Estratégica and Martim Mariano.

Communications Consultant.

Pocket Marketing – The importance of technology in the and Sales of IT companies In this episode. Therefore, Marcos Feli petto from Resultados Digitais and Luís Frias from Salesforce discuss in depth the importance of technological solutions to integrate Marketing and Sales of IT companies and boost their results. Therefore, From Marketing We It is especially relevant in corporate training and something you should consider when developing an in-company training strategy.

Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists

As Technology Permeates

As technology permeates all facets of business. Microlearning offers the answer to the increasing complexity of acquiring new skills and knowledge. Therefore, At the same time. It is also technology that allows microlearning to be incorporated into the training of our employees . But let’s get straight to the point. A micro learning module is defined by these three main characteristics: A single objective . Present a concept. Explore an idea or change behavior. Consider. For example. From Marketing We Training the customer success team . Such as upselling . The moment to ask for referrals ( referrals ) or the sending of the satisfaction questionnaire.

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