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Everyone had been talking about it online for months… Free is about to launch a mobile telephony offer that will revolutionize the sector. Tired of paying too much for a package? As it had done for Internet subscriptions at one time, Xavier Niel’s firm is going to kick in the anthill with its fourth mobile phone license… This announcement hurt a lot at the time, remember? . The announcement of Free Mobile’s phone plans was therefore made this morning. And the rates are as attractive as you might think.

Three packages are thus available, from 2 to 20 euros per month. free mobile All unlimited at 19.99 euros For 19.99 euros per month, this non-binding offer offers you unlimited calls to France but also to 40 countries (USA, Canada, Europe, etc.). SMS and MMS are also unlimited. And Internet access is not restricted, you will be entitled to 3GB per month.

Free Is About to Launch a Mobile Telephony


A very nice offer… Are you already a Free subscriber? The offer will then cost you 15.99 euros, or 13.37 euros excluding tax. The economic package at 2 euros This price is really amazing… Packages for Lebanon Phone Number one hour of communication + 60 SMS will be offered at only 2 euros! This should delight small consumers but also parents wishing to equip their children on the cheap. Even better, if you are already a Free customer, this plan will be free… Free claims not to lose money with this mini-package, which would be profitable.

The Economic Package at 2 Euros

Lebanon Phone Number List
Lebanon Phone Number List


But how could we have paid so much until now? mobiles The only constraint is that you must have an unlocked phone to benefit from these offers. Free will offer phones, including the iPhone 4S, but separately and directly unlocked. Credits will be offered to pay them in 12, 24 or 36 months. Free therefore wanted to separate the flat rate from the phone, all with non-binding flat rates, this leaves real freedom to the consumer. These packages will only be available to the first three million subscribers. This leaves room, but the rush for Free Mobile plans should be intense in the coming days. The site is already inaccessible, good luck to succeed in subscribing to the offer… And you, will you change operator?

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