Food Packaging and Branding

You have many different options for packaging your dog treats. You can choose from retail and wholesale companies that offer packaging supplies such as Nashville Wraps or Associated Bags. It’s also smart to create packaging with your brand name on it. You can hire someone on Etsy to help you design a logo for anywhere from $5 to $20. Just search for logo designs. One of my favorite resources is buying food packaging labels and logo stickers from Etsy. One particular company I’ve worked with on Etsy is Heirloom Ink because they’re affordable, the stickers are of good quality, and the colors look great.

Shipping and Packaging

You should also list ingredients and nutritional analysis along with your company’s name and address on the package. Another important thing to note is that your state may have other regulations. Be sure to find and contact your local Department of Agriculture representative to see Cameroon WhatsApp Number List if you need to meet any additional packaging requirements. Having the ability to ship your dog treats to customers can help you reach more people. You can make shipping labels online or use free and affordable shipping boxes at your local post office. You can pick up these boxes in person or order them online for free.

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Make sure to print the shipping label online, as it’s actually cheaper than going to the post office. I use this brand to print my own shipping labels and can print two receipts per page. This helps keep costs down! Don’t forget, after printing the label, you can arrange for a postman to pick up your package for free, which helps avoid trips to the post office and saves time. To offset shipping costs, you can add $3 or $4 to each other in case you need to ship out. Alternatively, you can encourage your customers to purchase larger orders to qualify for free shipping.

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