Firefox in 2011: an Eventful Year

A few days before 2012, Mozilla publishes an infographic that takes stock of Firefox in 2011. The least we can say is that the past year is a turning point in the history of the browser. In terms of updates, we were used to a new complete version every two to three years. We started this year on Mozilla Firefox 3.6, and version 9 is already available ! In terms of market share, the browser has been growing steadily since its launch, with Internet Explorer being the first affected. If the Windows browser continues to decline slowly (but surely), it is today mainly in favor of Chrome: the Google browser has thus recently overtaken Firefox.

The agreement between the Mozilla Foundation and the Mountain View firm is still correct: they recently renewed their partnership contract for three years so that the search engine appears by default on Firefox. The year 2011 was therefore not easy for Firefox, but the picture is not so gloomy.

Mozilla Publishes an Infographic That


We learn in particular that the current browser is now seven times faster than Firefox 3.6 and that it uses half the memory than before. Mozilla also returns Morocco Phone Number to the novelties of the year: Firefox for Android, Aurora, which speeds up the pace of updates, as well as Firefox Sync. Finally, the infographic provides an update on the Do Not Track project initiated by Mozilla: 17.6% of users would have activated it on mobile, against 6% on their computer.

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The Year 2011 Was Therefore Not Easy

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