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Formula I developed the following formula to represent Australia WhatsApp Number List the process brands, organizations and marketers are in when it comes to inclusivity and diversity, and in particular Marketing the Rainbow: Representation -> visibility -> normalization -> tolerance -> acceptance -> respect. 1. Representation Showing other people in your advertisement than. A white Australia WhatsApp Number List male-female couple seems logical, after all we are that diverse, tolerant society, remember. But just as there is still an under-representation of women and people with a migration Find Each Other And Where Ideas background or a disability in (the top of) the business world, so is LGBT.

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The fact that Rutte IV not only consists of 50% women, but Australia WhatsApp Number List also has a minister with a different skin color and four LGBT people in the ranks gives hope (I don’t necessarily look at politics now!). Representation is very important for role models. The 15-year-old lesbian from Twente who is still in the closet and does not know how to get out of it has been helped a lot Australia WhatsApp Number List with a Claudia de Breij (or internationally: Ellen Degeneres ) or Hanke Bruins Slot. But can they identify with such celebs ? Here marketing can play an important role to show regular lesbian girls or women as well.

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The NS did that nicely in 2018 with “Taste de Vryheid”. Claudia Australia WhatsApp Number List de Brie on twitter: ”I love that NS commercial with those flirting girls. Wish it existed when I was 15. Kudos, NS!” 2. Visibility This is a direct result of representation, but can be shaped in different ways. It started in the 90’s with “ridiculing”. Although it contains the word ‘laugh’, there was not Australia WhatsApp Number List much to laugh about in the commercials that Doritos made for the Super Bowl or Amstel about a man/woman in a cafe . This involved “ gay tease ” (such as the Doritos commercial with Enrique Iglesias ) or “ gay vague ” (Heineken’s ‘ gay bonding incident’ ).

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