Examples of SWOT Analysis and Business Models from Go-Jek

Starting a business in this digital era is arguably not too difficult. In addition to the help of technology that has developed so rapidly, the method of business feasibility analysis has developed a lot. Among the tools that are widely used in analyzing business ideas are swot analysis and the business model canvas. In this paper, we will present an example of how to properly create a swot analysis and business model.  Not only seen from the growth and number of users, gojek’s good-fast-cheap business pattern has succeeded in providing a disruptive mode of transportation. Therefore, there is no harm in learning from the gojek business model if we want our startup to become a similar business empire.

Example of SWOT Analysis from Gojek Company


Since in this article we only provide examples, if you want to know more about the steps in making it, you can see in the following article. How to make a swot analysis guide on how to create a business model canvas if you are more interested in mobile number list for marketing studying the analytical method above using a more applicable example, here we present an example below. Table of contents : go-jek bmc example , go- jek swot example examples of gojek’s canvas business model the following is an example of a business analysis model canvas for the gojek company in the written version. S gojek transportation service users replenishment of electronic wallet (gopay) one of the highlights of gojek’s business model above is the key resources section . If transportation companies usually have to have assets in the form of vehicles, large parking lots, then gojek doesn’t need them.

Examples of Gojek’s Canvas Business Model

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In the first place. That is the reason why the price of the gojek business model is very efficient and can offer lower prices. In addition, the channel element ( the link between the user and the service provider) is an application . In the first place. Which can connect the two parties more quickly, efficiently and on target. This is what makes gojek users satisfied with application services because of the convenience it offers. In the first place. In the first place.  At this writing, swot analysis is divided . In the first place. into two parts, namely internal factors (strengths & weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities & threats.

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