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A month and a half after its last update, Mozilla presents (already) the ninth version of Firefox for Windows. Mac OS X and Linux. The browser is still offered in version 8 on the official site, but the developers have already put the new version online. In terms of new, nothing really revolutionary: since Mozilla decided to accelerate the pace of its updates, they are lighter and less brutal than before. Some people regret the time when a new version revolutionized browsing, others appreciate being able to take advantage of new features right away, without having to change their habits overnight. The main changes in Mozilla Firefox 9 are in terms of browser performance: it reduces Javascript code loading time (up to 30%) and improves compatibility with HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

A Month and a Half After Its Last Update


Devices running Mac OS X Lion now have support for most gestures (back or forward with two-finger swipe etc.). The other improvements Nepal Phone Number are more technical and aimed at developers. Will these new features be enough to get back in front of Google Chrome ? Regularly, Google reserves easter eggs for us in its searches. It can literally be translated as Easter egg, it is actually a reaction of the search engine to certain queries. As the end of year celebrations approach, the Mountain View firm has a surprise in store for us today. Just tap Let it snow and watch the snow fall and your screen frost over. If this prevents you from performing your query correctly, the search button turns into a Defrost button , allowing you to clean up your page.

Mozilla Decided to Accelerate

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But be careful: this will not change the weather; only solution to find the sun, refresh your page or launch a new search. We’ve already wondered what navigators would look like if they were superheroes . College Humor continues in this direction by proposing its vision of websites as members of the Justice League of the Internet. Amazon, Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit, Huffington Post and Google are thus caricatured in the rules of the art. Superpowers, sworn enemies and biography, you will have all the information on their double identity. My favorite is still Google, which has so many powers that it doesn’t even know which ones to use anymore… It’s its sworn enemy Yahoo! who will be happy. On the other hand, they forgot the Moderator’s Blog in the list, you will have to imagine yourself what superhero this blog could be…


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