Digital Reputation: Not Everything Is Wrong

This article was written for our debate of the month on digital identity by Antoine Dupin. In the first place, Consultant specialist in social media and author of the book . He currently lives in Quebec, where he is a strategic advisor at Chalifour . You can find Antoine Dupin on his website and on Twitter. In the spotlight, we must not neglect the fire of the projectiles . Over the years, Google has become the catalyst for part of the digital life of all Internet users. Blacklisting blogs comments forums and other publications. The “name googling”, which designates the fact of making a search from a name and a first name. Has entered the customs to apprehend the personality of an interlocutor. We find this practice, for example, both on the side of recruiters and candidates.

The Pavlovian Reflexes of Third Parties


The latter therefore consists of a controllable part, its own words. But also of a part that escapes all control, the content produced by third parties. If voluntary Cambodia Phone Number List nuisances can be reprehensible by law, what can we say about negative data which would only be the fruit of a certain stupidity, of certain reflexes, even of chance which escape us? Can we morally sue a friend on the grounds that he marked us in a photograph where we appeared in a state of advanced intoxication stealing a table? Can we legally attack a namesake for ideas he supported?

The Homonym, This Being Who Has the Right to Exist

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The Pavlovian reflexes of third parties If Internet users have clearly understood the challenges of digital reputation, certain reflexes that have developed over time should not be overlooked. The reflex has this problematic that it annihilates any reflection as to the consequences of the actions that one executes.

A photo, a tag on Facebook. A review, a hashtag on Twitter, keywords on blogs. Tags, these little terms that come to define a content (photo, video, text) have become insidious indicators as to the perception of others, in the same way as a comment, a list… An example with the Tumblr platform which had fun grouping together the keywords linked to the publications concerning the candidates for the presidential elections.

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