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What is a Start-up?
Startups are startup companies that are still in the development or research phase to continue to find markets to introduce and develop their products. Startup companies are usually used for companies whose services or products are based on digital technology.

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The development of start-up companies in Indonesia has been quite busy in recent years. One of the largest start-up companies in Indonesia, namely Tokopedia and Gojek.

Building a successful startup business is definitely a dream for entrepreneurs

Digital Marketing and Start-up Business
Marketing efforts are important for every startup company, especially for startups that are still in the early stages. Marketing helps create brand awareness regarding the products being sold and marketing activities can also help startups in the early stages of company formation.

Therefore, the most important thing for a startup business is to get maximum results with a minimal budget. This is a natural thing, because the switzerland email address beginning of starting a startup company itself must be bumped into by limited funds. Therefore, the use of digital marketing is the right choice in a startup business.

Digital marketing is an avenue for startups, who want to continue to market their products or services, without running into funding problems. Because back again on the initial principle, get maximum results with a minimal budget.

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses digital technology as its marketing tools , such as the internet. Sometimes digital marketing uses marketing strategies, such as using social media, endorsements, webinars to attract awareness.

Johnny said that there are two main objectives in

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marketing efforts in startup businesses. The first is to build a brand, then the second is to support the growth of the business you own.

Shinta Nurfauzia explained that there are several marketing objectives that are commonly used. Among others:

Doing promotions for new products
Build product brand awareness
Increase business sales
Define new markets and consumers
Maintain relationship and communication with old customers
Increase brand loyalty to consumers

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