Digital Identity: Testimonials From Internet Users

As part of our monthly debate on digital identity . We posed a few questions on the subject on the RegionsJob Facebook page . The participants are therefore from very different backgrounds, and are not necessarily already aware of the issue. Of course, the answers cannot be representative of the entire population. But provide some bases for understanding the apprehension of digital identity by Internet users!  But if most Internet users are aware that they leave traces online, it is not always easy to define digital identity.

The Participants Are Therefore From Very Different


Debate of the month logo Digital identity and job search Digital identity takes on a unique dimension when you are looking for a job. A very particular misadventure Belarus Phone Number List happened to Elina, with perhaps not so unfortunate consequences in the end: ” I had written on my personal blog an article on vaginal orgasm. He asked me if I would take it off if I was hired. For me, this article was ultimately a gift. I wouldn’t like to work for a stuck up company that takes away my freedom. The recruiter ended up recognizing that I would be bored in his company, and that I would feel suffocated. Well seen ! Digital identity can also lead to incongruous situations, as is the case for Belina: ” I have a namesake who has a greater presence than me.

Digital Identity and Job Search

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Having homonyms is common, but with exactly the same job, that’s rarer! Sometimes, it can even go much further, testifies Stef. Who lived the opposite situation: the absence of traces sowed doubt in the mind of the recruiter! ” Once in the interview, an employer told me “I looked for you on Facebook but I couldn’t find you”… To which I replied that I was nevertheless registered and even very active, but that it wanted say that access to my information was very well closed on FB… he then asked me if I had things to hide, I told him no, Facebook is used to communicate with my friends BUT I believe that my employer or a potential employer doesn’t have to know what I do or say on Facebook or the internet in general, it’s part of my personal life, not professional….

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