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Why is it difficult for specialty products. To make big brands? In fact, it is because: if the region is used as the incentive for the product. The “frequency” and “efficiency” of the association are really too low. 1.1 low frequency take wang laoji as an example. We all know: wanglaoji is herbal tea, and herbal tea is a specialty of guangdong. However, if the Netherlands Phone Number main focus was not “drinking wanglaoji for fear of getting angry” (function) at first, but “authentic guangdong. Herbal tea” (origin), it would mean that consumers must think of “guangdong specialty. Before they are more likely to think. Of wanglaoji. This brand. However, for consumers across the country. How often do they think of “guangdong specialties”? The obvious answer is: not very often.

Functional Netherlands Phone Number

As soon as you see hot pot, crayfish, chili. Or even just because you ate an extra. Bite of meat at night, you will think of “going up”. Fire”, and then more likely to think of wang laoji. Who “can get rid of fire”. Yes, to make the promotion of your. Product smoother Netherlands Phone Number you have to find a high frequency incentive. It’s not just specialties here, all products are the same. Like miklau beer. Its original slogan was “festivals. And holidays. Are the best time to drink miklau beer”. At first, the entire advertisement received a mediocre response, until it was later adjusted. To “the best place to drink miklau beer on weekends. And it became popular all over the united states at once.

Here, It Is Actually Netherlands Phone Number

Netherlands phone number
Netherlands phone number

Because: “weekends” are more. Frequent incentives than “festivals”. Another example is kitkat, because it combines itself with coffee. And claims that it is the best partner of coffee, so it has the opportunity to turn a brand that is aging year. By year and turn losses into Netherlands Phone Number profits in just one year. It’s also because it’s bound to “coffee. A more frequent trigger than “chocolate.” after all, in the united states, most people drink coffee every day. And chocolate is more of an occasional snack. (ps, the collocation here is just a concept of publicity. Not to say that chocolate and coffee are to be sold together) 1.2 low performance. Back to the topic of specialty products.

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