Developing Your Presence on the Internet

Camille Alloing and David Fayon, whom you have already come across in the ebook Cross-views on the day before . Have just published a book with Dunod editions. Developing your presence on the Internet . A book intended particularly for SMEs. But to put in all hands! We interviewed the two authors to learn more about the genesis of this book. And on the subject of e-reputation of which they are experts.

For the occasion, Camille and David are making you win a copy of the book! To participate, simply tweet this article. My research focuses in particular on enterprise 2.0 and social networks. What type of audience is this book intended for? Camille : The publisher wanted a book for SMEs and entrepreneurs in general. I think this book will also be of interest to any person or organization wishing to develop their activity (or part of it) on the so-called social web.

Can You Start by Introducing Yourself?


Because the idea of ​​the book is to propose tools of reflections to develop a strategy of presence, the presence (thoughtful) being the base Ghana Phone Number of any future action. David : The book also complements my writings on social networks or books on Personal branding such as Me 2.0 or others on Internet monitoring strategies. VSEs/SMEs and more particularly people in charge of marketing or communication will find elements and thoughts that will guide them in their presence strategy. How did you share the writing work?

Camille : By e-mail… 🙂 But beyond that we have, I think, succeeded in mixing our skills and approaches to the subject: David in a very pragmatic and descriptive aspect (case, project management, RoI), and me for certain more reflexive aspects or aspects relating to my fields of skills (such as monitoring, for example).

What Type of Audience Is This Book Intended for?

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In addition, David having already published several books, I was able to benefit from his experience on the subject, particularly in terms of structuring or organizing work. David : I already had the experience of collaborative writing where ultimately we work a lot remotely with a few IRL meetings and telephone points to set the main lines. But I hadn’t yet tried the experiment with a worthy representative of Generation Y. In addition, collaborative writing allows you to exchange ideas, to bounce back on the words of your partner to feed the reflection.

Two mail exchanges are enough. Besides, we would have used a Google Docs type tool.  If there is evangelization, it is mainly for the web and its uses. One of the central messages of the book is, for example: do not rush headlong, first ask yourself what you want and can do, and above all what are the uses and needs of your audience (is this also necessary have well defined before).

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