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The galician supermarket chain that went viral – and much imitated. When it launched its let’s live like galicians. Years ago a campaign that focused on everything galicians had in common. And the ‘essence’ of life in the community. His campaign insists on all the wonderful things that can. Be done when this is all over, with a final closing of “Pep.” something similar, but focused on the present. Is what ikea does. His campaign is carried out by the houses. Remembering everything that can be done in them. And that this is the moment to spend our time in them.

Your home is waiting for you , says ikea. It is the same thing that orange asks for in its special campaign, that you stay at home (and connect from there to the network). His campaign, very simple and with exciting music, was one of the first of the Singapore phone number crisis (it appeared on march 14, the day the state of alarm was announced) and manages to excite the consumer without great artifacts. As with these campaigns, they are not directly selling us anything (although your house is waiting for you… With ikea furniture), but they are transmitting certain values.

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And that is the key to these campaigns, which are already being served as pre-roll ads, for example, in online videos. They serve to remind the consumer that these brands are there, that they are accompanying them during these moments and that they share with them what is happening. Datacentric databases of companies no. 1 in the market updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. Access now datacentric databases of companies no. 1 in the market updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. Access now in the last elections for the us presidency, there were some unexpected beneficiaries.

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They were a group of ‘entrepreneurs’ in macedonia, who knew how to see the potential of these contents as a source of traffic and who launched themselves into creating news and more linked news. They published what had traffic, invented the content and made money with the ads. It was a manna for those who knew how to see it. Its existence became a kind of viral scandal, an example of the fake news boom and its problems. The existence of the sites was threatened when everything exploded and the network was cut off (many of them simply used adsense to monetize what they did), but to date they had already done business.

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Fake news existed because it was a powerful disinformation tool, true, but also because for some players it was simply a way to make money. Controversial topics often generate a flood of clicks, which increases traffic numbers. The more traffic, the more potential interest to sell ads. It was the way the internet has worked (that traffic-advertising balance) for years. Brands discovered, with this explosion, that not all traffic data was worth it and that, as successful as some news might seem, they were actually toxic assets for their brand image, assets that were not worth associating themselves with.

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