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After our debate of the month on the balance between professional life and personal life , we are returning to this format to, this time, focus on digital identity. Why is this a much talked about topic? How important are our online presences? What are the challenges, especially for job search? This subject raises many questions! To answer them, we have called on specialists in this theme, who will come to provide their opinions, analyzes and advice.. But these are not the only media on which the debate will take place! We want everyone to be able to participate, to provide their testimony, their feedback…By Antoine Dupin Identity should we fall into schizophrenia?

After Our Debate of the Month


How important is digital identity for you? Do you pay particular attention to it? In the first place, the RegionsJob Facebook page is of course open to your testimonies and your Latvia Phone Number discussions on the issue. We will regularly post polls and questions for you to have your say on digital identity. If you have a blog, on the platform or elsewhere, do not hesitate to publish your contribution! It will enrich this by Julien Pierre What tools to diagnose your e-reputation?  collective reflection on digital identity. In the meantime, you can always read our latest ebook on this topic: Digital Identity, Issues and Perspective . Find all the contributions already published: Survey: Google or the control of your digital identity .

The Articles Will Be Published

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For months, Free had been in constant suspense over the launch of its mobile offer. Today, no more rumours, no more estimates. The event looked a lot like an Apple keynote, focusing as much as possible on the personality of Xavier Niel. The conference was taken up en masse on Twitter, sometimes with humor. Discover the reactions of Internet users and other operators.

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