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Play with the ways you present your content. Of course, this also applies: keep listening to your customers. 5. Make your content playful: short videos stay And that’s a good thing, because short videos Armenia WhatsApp Number List are the way to make your content more playful. My tip to do more with short videos is above all: don’t make it too complicated for yourself. If you share a short video, mine doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be human. Tips for getting started. 6. Optimize existing content and reuse!


Maybe My Favorite.

I see content marketers working incredibly hard to keep producing new content. Often that is not Armenia WhatsApp Number List necessary at all. Your focus should be on the content that delivers results. If you have an old white paper that keeps getting downloads over and over, why create new content? Look at the data (is it again). What content is doing well? Can you use it in other ways? Merge blogs on a particular theme into a download?

Armenia WhatsApp Number List

Or vice versa. Turn a white paper into separate blogs. Or simply bring an old blog with a high CTR to the attention on a Armenia WhatsApp Number List number of channels? Also read: Reusing your content: 46 ideas to try right away Shall we agree that we will no longer dismiss the above points as trends, but that this is simply the norm? And that 2022 will be the year in which we will take content marketing seriously? I keep hoping that next year we will read about trends that surprise us.

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