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Are experts in loyalty and incentives we like to create unique experiences amazon has become a stronger player in the advertising market, but the truth is that it is still far from peaking. Analysts predict that the data it will achieve Ghana phone number the advertising investment of companies will increase, since it is increasingly important for brands to position themselves prominently on their pages. It is not only important because amazon is the growing sales gateway for many companies, but also because for many consumers it is the stage where they start looking for products (even if they do not buy them there later).

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Companies are becoming more and more aware of this and they themselves recognize that they have plans to spend more money on advertising on the platform. A study has just shown that the majority of advertisers who currently use amazon as a way to reach their potential customers will continue to do so in the future. The data comes from a study conducted by marketing land . According to their findings, 81% of amazon advertisers plan to increase their ad spend on the platform in the coming months. Broken down by plans, 41% will spend 25% more than they have spent in the last 6-12 months, 22% will increase their investment by 25-50%, and 10% will spend more than 50%. As they point out from marketing land , the data generated by the advertisers themselves is similar to what the projections indicated.

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In their previous study on the issue, which they had carried out in 2018. They already showed a boom in investment and a tendency to allocate more. Money to advertising on amazon. In the last year, and according to amazon financial data, the company. Saw its revenue from advertising grow by 40%. As you remember in the study, these growth figures are higher than those achieved by. Other players in the industry, although they already have a much broader and much. More powerful market. Where does the money that goes to amazon come from? But if amazon takes more and more advertising revenue. One might wonder where those figures come from and what this means in the balance of the advertising market.

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Is amazon taking capital that until now was going to other platforms? Does this suppose a reorganization of the online advertising market? The study data make it clear that the situation is varied. For the simple majority of advertisers, 53%, the figures come via an increase in investment. The new funds they have for campaigns end up in amazon. After that, other budget items are cannibalized. 31% takes part of the budget that was intended for classic. Advertising formats (print, television, outdoor, etc.) and 25% takes. Money from other budget items that were not intended for advertising.

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