Data decision making: Is this business still viable?

I don’t know if everyone has noticed this phenomenon, but now the whole people are doing live broadcasts. It used to be said that e-commerce is an industry, but now every industry is e-commerce. Bringing goods and selling goods through live broadcasts online, whether it is done by the merchants themselves or in cooperation with a big V, is essentially an e-commerce sales behavior.

I heard a news report before that the court opened a live broadcast, and the live sleep tester experienced a sleep test in a haunted house. In order to create a feeling that the haunted house is not fierce, the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number atmosphere of the whole live broadcast room is very warm. This is also an e-commerce behavior. Even the court is fighting to sell the house.

Can the milk tea business be done?

Familiar friends all know that the biggest milk tea shop in Hangzhou is not Michelle Ice City, but a little bit. Colleagues in my company are very fond of drinking, especially when they encounter someone who has helped whom, the mantra is “I’ll treat you to a drink”. One day, I heard two technical colleagues discussing that they want to invest 50w to Saudi Arabia Mobile Number open a small business, but I don’t know if this business can still be done.

Adhering to the principle of no right to speak without research, I decided to investigate this matter.

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So I found a little milk tea shop near my residence, went to its door, checked the traffic flow, the number of orders, etc., and analyzed and estimated the revenue of a shop, and how long it would take to recover the cost. Initially, the indicators to be collected included the people Saudi Arabia Mobile Number passing by the door of the store and those who entered the store for consumption. Later, it was found that the workload of these two indicators was relatively large, and the error of the collection was relatively large, so I changed it to collect the number of people entering the store and the number of people entering the store. Machine billing data.

After using the video to record the flow of people and orders at the door of the store, count the heads and the number of orders. The next step is to do a simple data analysis, that is, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Judge the result of a live broadcast.

At the beginning, we talked about live broadcasts for the whole people, and the purpose of live broadcasts for each person is very different. So after a live broadcast, how to use data to analyze the effect of the live broadcast? What are the next improvements?

Let me share a small case of improving the efficiency of live broadcast, hoping to give some ideas to readers who have done live broadcast and want to review and improve.



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