Create Some Sinking Funds

A sinking fund is a money you start saving a predetermined amount for a specific goal or expense. This is different from an emergency fund because debt service funds are used for planned expenses that you know are coming. For example, you know that Christmas falls on December 25 each year, so you can create a sinking fund to start setting aside money for holiday expensesThere are many affordable cell phone companies out there. Don’t pay exorbitant fees.

 Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Using debt service funds to save money on a tight budget may seem challenging, but keep in mind that you may need to spend on these expenses in the future. Why not start preparing something, even if  China WhatsApp Number List it’s only $10? Doing so can help eliminate future financial stress and the temptation to use a credit card or loan. If you’re not paying the lowest possible amount, check out prepaid companies like Mint Mobile, Tello Wireless, and Total Wireless. Plans usually start at around $10 per month and you can keep your smartphone.

China WhatsApp Number List

Also, I love that you can cancel service at any time or add a data plan with prepaid phone service this month. Credit card companies are known for sneaky fees because you might not even notice. Check if you pay annual fees, foreign transaction fees, or even monthly maintenance fees. Call your credit card company to see if you can reduce or waive any fees you pay. If you’ve been a customer for a long time and are paying, they may be willing to work with you.

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