Consumer Day: 4 tips for your business to sell more on the date

What is consumer day?
Consumer day is a date celebrated annually on march 15. Which emerged in the united states and was not created with the purpose of increasing sales. But to demand more rights for consumers.

On march 15. 1962. Exactly 60 years ago. The country’s Finland Phone Number  former president. John f. Kennedy. Gave a speech in which he defended the basic rights of consumers. Such as having access to information. Power of choice and being heard.

Later. The speech. Considered a milestone. Served as inspiration for the institution of consumer day. Which began to be celebrated on march 15. 1983. Since then. The event has been celebrated every year on the same date. On the occasion. Consumer protection organizations ask for basic rights to be respected and protest against abusive market practices.

In brazil. Discussions on consumer rights gained strength in the 1990s. When the consumer protection code (cdc) was instituted. Legislation that provides guidelines for consumers who feel harmed in commercial relationships.

“first quarter black friday”

However. The date has been adopted a little differently around here. Despite initially following the initial objective. The role changed over time. From the 2010s onwards. Consumer day took on a commercial character. Following the adoption of other dates. Such as black friday.

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Here. The 15th of march has been an opportunity for businesses. Especially those in the retail sector. To move sales in the first three months of the year. Which are usually not very heated. So much so that the date has been called the black friday of the first quarter.

In addition to consumer day. There is customer day. Which is celebrated on september 15th and can also yield good sales actions. To learn more. Read the article customer day: learn what it is and see tips on actions to commemorate the date .

Consumer day what is consumer week?

Going beyond consumer day. Businesses have dedicated an entire week to attracting customers and selling more.Promotions end up being made. Therefore. Throughout the week of march 15th. And not just on the date. Similarly, It’s called consumer week.

Similar to what already happens on black friday and semana do brasil.  Similarly, In september.

How to prepare to sell more on consumer day?
Now that you know a little about the origin of the date and the meaning it has gained in brazil. Similarly, It’s time to understand how to take advantage of consumer day in your business.

As with other commemorative dates. Similarly, With good planning. Your company can make the most of the date and boost revenue at the beginning of the year.

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