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In addition, by being below gdp growth, advertising would lose weight in the spanish economy. The greatest growth in investment is directed at digital media (internet, mobile, outdoor digital), while both general television and print media will suffer significant falls. If the trend continues, investment in digital media will exceed that captured by generalist television in 2020. It remains to be seen how the recent cnmc ruling on the commercial policies of the so-called “Duopoly” affects investment in television.

Meanwhile, the other “Duopoly” in fact, the digital one, grows without problems and practically without paying taxes in spain. After the sharp fall they experienced in september, the perception indices are now registering small movements that, moreover, do not occur in the same direction: while the ipse (index of perception of the economic situation) improves 2.1 points and stands at -53.3, the ipmp (advertising market perception index) worsens Chile phone number slightly, falling 2.4 points and now stands at -66.7. In both cases, they are values ​​similar to those recorded in 2013, when the exit from the hardest phase of the crisis began.

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The growth in audience of otts, which, although in general they do not compete for advertising investment, they do compete for consumption time, may be affecting investment in generalist television. The panelists believe that its effect translates into a decrease of 3.8%. Online video is the modality for which the greatest investment growth is : 9.4%. Significant growth is also expected for the rest of the digital options: investment in mobile phones will grow by 8.8%; social networks 8.7% and the internet as a whole 8.5%. For its part, outdoor digital advertising (ped) will grow by 5.7%.

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In smaller figures, but also with growth, the cinema (+3.5%); foreign in general (2.8%); pay television channels (+2.5%) and radio (2.1%). On the other hand, significant decreases are for televisión generalista (-4.8%); newspapers (-7.1%); magazines (-8.8%) and supplements (-8.9%). Forecasts for televisión generalista, the engine of the advertising market until very recently, have deteriorated as the year progressed. The hopes of the panelists for a possible growth in investment are, above all, on the telephony, telecommunications and internet sector: the growing competition between content platforms, which in many cases also serve as a sales pitch for companies of telephony, help to wait for the rise of 5g technology, which is somewhat more than.

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There are doubts about the banking and finance sector. While a significant number of panelists believe that it will increase its investment. Another somewhat smaller number believe that it will reduce it. On the other hand, hopes seem to resurface with respect. To the automotive sector, which will have to support the launch of new models with less polluting engines. Media forecasts investment forecasts by means can be in the following table. They are with the made in september. The fourth column represents the direction of the variation.

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