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Exterior is the fifth medium for its volume of advertising investment and represents 7.1% of the total of the analyzed media, increasing its share one tenth with respect to the previous year. Foreign investment in 2019 was 423.3 million euros, showing an increase of 1.0% compared to the 418.9 million registered in 2018. In sixth place appears the medium magazines , with a decrease in its investment figure of -14.5%, which has meant going from the 227.8 million euros that it obtained in 2018 to the 194.8 million that have been achieved in 2019.

The weight that the magazine medium has over the total controlled media has thus stood at 3.3%, with a loss of five tenths compared to the 3.8% it held in 2018. Investment in cinema, in seventh place, was 36.5 million euros, which represents 0.6% of the percentage distribution in controlled media, maintaining the share of 2018. With this, the year-on-year growth registered by the cinema medium has been 5.2% over the 34.7 million it Kazakhstan phone number in 2018. The sunday medium, which is the one with the lowest absolute figure within the controlled media, represents 0.4% and has experienced a decrease in its figure of -7.8%, going from the 28.9 million it had in 2018 to the 26.6 million obtained in 2019.

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Estimated media in 2019, the estimated real investment in. The estimated media stood at 7,193.8 million euros. Which represents a decrease in year-on-year investment of -1.0% compared to the 7,269.2 million that were registered in the last year. Of the set of seventeen media that make up the group. There are eleven that show growth compared to the previous year. Five that decrease their volume of investment compared to what they obtained. In 2018 and one, the case of native advertising , which is included for the first. Time and for which evolution data is not available.

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Therefore, the media from highest to lowest according to their investment figure. The one with the highest percentage is pos, merchandising. Signage and labels , whose share of the total sum of this group. Of media is 24.4%. In 2019 this medium has experienced a growth of 1.4%. Reaching 1,757.4 million euros compared to the 1,733.2 million it showed in the previous year. Therefore, second medium of this group for its investment figure is personalized mailing. Which represents 24.1 of the total estimated media. In 2019, it received an investment of 1,736.1 million euros compared. To the 1,922.6 million received in the previous year, having experienced a year-on-year decrease of -9.7%.

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Therefore, mailing includes all personalized mailings to homes and workplaces. Which is called “Mailing with response and direct advertising”. And does not include the expenses corresponding to the postage of mailings. Advertising investment in telephone marketing appears in third place. Which in 2019 stood at a figure of 1,585.9 million euros. Which has meant an increase of 1.0% compared to 1,570.2 million in 2018. Marketing telephone represents 22.0% of the 7,193.8 million euros contributed by the total. Investment of the estimated means. Therefore, fourth position are acts of sponsorship, patronage, social marketing and csr. An epigraph that includes actions and events of different types such as concerts. Shows, foundations, exhibitions, cultural events, active and voluntary contributions to social. Economic and environmental improvement by of companies, etc.

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