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Indeed, for companies and capital. That have invested in shared bicycles with great power. There are five barriers to this “typhoon” that are difficult to cross. One is the real and fake rigid demand, the second is the profit model, the third is the credit system. The fourth Belgium Phone Number is the threshold barrier. And the fifth is the government’s attitude. 1. Just need questions other alternative products such. As motorcycle sharing rental (such as 8:00 to the motorcycle. Xiaolu motorcycle, yunma motorcycle), direct entry of brand bicycle manufacturers (such as giant, permanent, livall), government public bicycles (such as hangzhou, wuhan) , car time-sharing.

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Early to go out can solve this last mile problem. 2. Profit model taking the cost. Of a mobike bicycle as an example of 3,000 yuan. The revenue of 1 yuan per time is calculated. Based on the frequency of use 6 times a day. Excluding the factors Belgium Phone Number of violent storms. Cold and summer weather, it will take two. Years to pay back the cost based on 250 days in a year. And that’s just the hardware cost. There are also operating costs, promotion costs, scheduling costs. And r&d costs, all of which are bottomless. Pits for spending money. The operating costs include data communication fees. Sms notification fees, and spare parts maintenance fees, which average more than 50 yuan per vehicle.

At the Same Time, Belgium Phone Number

Belgium phone number
Belgium phone number

Due to the low price per customer. It is impossible to spend money to subsidize customers like didi. At this time, the role of capital. As a driving force is even smaller. When money can only be spent on hardware costs, i don’t know whether it is Belgium Phone Number wisdom or wisdom. Confused? If you expect car body advertising or app to bring new. Revenue or expect app to become a big data portal. I no longer want to hit you. This dream has been verified by countless apps. The entry-level platform is the wealthy. Family of seven or eight bat families. When the “typhoon” of shared bicycles strikes. Is it wrapped in kindness or desolation? 3. Credit system no credit, no sharing.

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