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The health crisis and the state of alarm decreed by the government do not imply changes in the rules that regulate the advertising of medicines, health products or other products or services with health-related claims, which remain fully in force. The association for the self-regulation of commercial communication (autocontrol), the spanish body for self-regulation of the spanish advertising industry, continues to work and review the advertising that is voluntarily sent to it by advertisers, agencies and the media during the state of alarm decreed by the government, and recalls that the regulatory requirements in advertising remain unchanged these days of quarantine for all sectors.

Calling for extreme care in advertising related to health and, even more so, in that in which directly or indirectly links the use of the product or the provision of the service with covid-19. In this sense, autocontrol recalls the obligation to Netherlands phone number continue complying during this health crisis with all current legal regulations and codes of conduct that apply to advertising, including the prohibition of generating confusion or misleading consumers. More specifically, it is recalled that not all advertising of products or services may include declarations of health properties (be they preventive, therapeutic or curative)

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And that, in the case of those products or services authoriz to carry them out, such as certain medicines or products health, it must be respecting all legal and deontologically established obligations and prohibitions. For example, in the case of medicines, such advertising must be adjust to its data sheet. It is also recommend to take extreme care in advertising campaigns that claim to attribute properties to food products in relation to the immune system, highlighting the importance of this system in a context such as the current one.

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It is important that these messages are design in such. A way that a preventive message is not. Transferred (which would be prohibit in this case). And that the claims used in relation to health comply with the provisions of community. Regulation 1924/2006, on nutritional and health claims in the advertising of food products. This regulation only allows the use of certain declarations previously. Authorized by the european commission for certain foods. And the specific requirements for use established for each. Of them must be respect. International call for responsible advertising in these moments of serious. Crisis in which society especially needs contrasted and truthful information.

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Autocontrol, in line with the call being by. The international advertising self-regulation organizations to which it belongs. Such as the european advertising standards alliance (easa). Or the international council for advertising self regulation (icas). Requests that extreme care be in commercial communications. That include health claims or health-related claims. As part of its usual activity, autocontrol has reviewed in recent. Weeks advertisements for products and services with health or health-related claims.

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