Combine This Information And Create

Combine this information and create your buyer persona – a character that Accounting Directors Email Lists all the main characteristics and challenges of your potential customers. Distribution and dissemination of content How many companies publish regular content on the blog and don’t distribute it on any other platform? It seems that they are waiting for Google to produce a miracle and bring thousands of organic visits overnight. This is one of the best kept secrets of Content Marketing: actively distribute your content. In fact. Some experts argue that to really build an audience. Companies should spend 20% of their time producing content and 80% distributing it.

But Distribute Where?

Where your customers are. Of course. When building the persona. You should have already identified the most used platforms. In your editorial calendar. Note all potential distribution channels. Divided between: owned media: our social networks. Or platforms like Medium earned media: “earned” posts on third-party pages or platforms. Either through PR or organically paid media: promotions on social networks. Ads on search engines or paying for publications Results analysis When we think of metrics. It is normal to think of the one that most directly translates the success or failure of a strategy. ROI or Return on Investment . ROI = (value of generated revenues – amount invested in content) / value of generated revenues However.

Accounting Directors Email Lists

This Is Just One Of The Metrics

This is just one of the metrics you should follow. Take the metrics you defined (following point 2 of this article) and analyze your Google Analytics or social media dashboards on a regular basis (weekly. Weekly. Quarterly…). It is this periodic monitoring of the results that will give you the right clues about the effectiveness of the content in meeting the objectives. Which editorial choices are more successful that you can replicate or those with less success that you can abandon or change. Establish a base and a growth rate you want to achieve and keep an eye on the general evolution of Content Marketing. Only with this discipline will Content Marketing work in favor of your company’s strategic goals.

So You Can Better Understand

So You Can Better Understand

So You Can Better Understand Your Email Open Rate. Email Click-Through Rate. Accounting Directors Email Lists of Hits to Your Website (Including […]

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