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The benefits of ecommerce are undeniable.

Nonetheless, we could still identify negative sides, such as the inability to touch the products with your hand before purchasing, having to wait for delivery times to be able to receive the products purchased, or not being able to deal with salesmen to ask for detailed information. .

When you think about this type of negative side, however, you must also take into consideration that technology continues to improve visibly, offering solutions that until a few years ago would have been unthinkable.

For example, and live chats solve the problem of requesting live information, and solutions such a allow consumers to see products almost as if they were really inside their homes.

And if there is one thing we could bet on, it is that this type of technology will continue to increase.

In short, ecommerce can be considered a real substitute for traditional physical stores, although many companies choose to keep both alternatives.


Ecommerce Vs Physical Store

The principle that Bahrain Phone Numbers governs online stores and physical stores is almost the same, that is the exchange of a product or service for money, between companies and consumers, with the difference that the first takes place on the internet and the second in person.

So why do many merchants decide not to choose between the two alternatives?

Well, the simplest answer to this question is that, in the age of omnichannel and multichannel, the goal of companies is to offer their customers the highest number of options, to ensure an excellent

Furthermore, even if online shopping is becoming more and more established and ecommerce statistics show that this is not a trend that intends to slow down, it does not mean that physical stores are now obsolete.

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It Is However Undeniable That


The growth of ecommerce simply demonstrates that consumer shopping habits have changed (and continue to do so, as trends like social shopping demonstrate), and those who want to be successful in the business world need to keep up with these changes.

, if on the one hand the most established companies are even more successful by bringing their business online, small businesses and newly born companies could have a greater chance of success by taking the reverse path, that is, starting from the world of e-commerce to eventually open physical stores.



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