Clean Its History and Traces on All Browsers

Using a browser necessarily leaves traces: history of the sites consulted of course, but also cookies, passwords… Probably not things you would like to spread! If you use a public computer, or lend your own from time to time, it might be a good idea to clean up your browser. The problem is that this option varies from browser to browser, and you may not know where everything you need to delete is. To remedy this problem, you can use Privacy Agent . This is a small utility completely free to download, just for once. Privacy Agent will scan the browsers installed on your computer and take care of the traces to be deleted.

Using a Browser Necessarily Leaves Traces


Its great interest is that it deals with several browsers at the same time: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Really practical! Once all the browsers have UK Phone Number List been analyzed (this can take a long time!), you can check the traces you want to see deleted. And There you go ! You can admit it, we are between us. Have you always dreamed of wearing a mustache? But unfortunately, you’re beardless, your boss wouldn’t appreciate such sideburns or even more prohibitively, you’re a girl. Fortunately, the miracles of the modern web now allow you to proudly display these hairs in your photos.

To Remedy This Problem

 UK Phone Number List
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The holy grail of photo editing, without a doubt. Your savior is called Face tache , a rather well-made generator that allows you to add a mustache in two clicks. Let them be praised. When you know that the mustachioed are better paid , it makes you want to try the adventure! To use Facetache, nothing could be simpler. Upload a photo of you (or your victim), then choose from the 15 models of mustaches available. Adjust everything, choose your inclination and the desired size. All you have to do is download the result. Everything will be settled in a few seconds for a magnificent result. The mustache lobby will be happy.

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