How do I choose which blog posts to update?

Benefit from an update is that it receives decent levels of traffic but suffers from a high bounce rate and low time on page. This often means that even if the subject generates a lot of interest, the message itself is disappointing – it does not deliver on its promise to readers. If a post like this is not improved, its low engagement metrics will sooner or later lead to lower rankings and traffic. #2 Posts That Lose Rankings A clear sign that an article needs improvement is if it consistently drops in the SERPs (search engine results pages).


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In your industry have posted better content on the same topic. If so, your task is to update your post to be better than theirs! If you have a handful of posts on Real Estate Photo Editing that are losing rankings and you’re not sure which one to prioritize, take a look at each post’s Page Authority. All things being equal, the page with higher authority will have Real Estate Photo Editing a better chance of recovering lost rankings once you improve the content. #3 Posts with High Conversion Rates Another way to select which posts to improve is to focus on the ones that are currently driving the most conversions. Nothing beats driving more traffic to a high converting page!

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 First Page Results Real Estate Photo Editing The higher you rank

The better. This is true even if you are already ranking on the first page. Backlinko’s analysis of five million searches found that the number one ranking result gets an average of 31.73% clicks.30.8%. Breakdown of Google Organize CTR by role Source Real Estate Photo Editing: Backlinko Since any gain on page 1 could dramatically improve your CTR (click-through rate), it’s always worth looking at what you can add to your content so

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