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Thus, for example, it is beginning to position itself in the vod advertising market. As streaming continues to grow and as consumers tire of. Having to rack up subscriptions, advertising is becoming one of the emerging. Solutions in the streaming world. Instead of charging consumers – or instead of charging that much. The growth of vod is expected to be driven by. Ad-supported offerings in the near future. At the same time, be it with advertising or in a less direct. Way (such as via product placement). Analysts are becoming much clearer than ever that vod will not be able. To survive without ads and that for advertisers it will be the next field of battle .

After all, television is losing momentum and thus losing advertising, but these advertisers still want to reach consumers with their messages. They need a platform that works as a showcase for their ads and products. Amazon launched Algeria Phone number last year, just a year ago now, a vod platform linked to its imdb brand that worked with ads. It did not have big premieres, but it did have catalog content from past seasons for which consumers did not have to pay but they did have to see it with advertising . With this, amazon entered the advertising market for online streaming video.

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And from there he began to create a specialized team in this field that could now become a new source of income for the company, a source that would also not be limited to its own platform. Because, in the streaming war, amazon wants to sell ads for its services but also for the services of others, already functioning as an advertising intermediary. Amazon sells advertising for third parties those are the plans that amazon has, as the wall street journal has revealed . The company wants to use the team that it has already created to sell advertising on its fire platforms to do so for other streaming systems, such as apple tv or xbox, as sources close to the company have told the economic newspaper.

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Amazon is in the process of negotiating with those responsible for other streaming platforms and content apps on demand to offer them their services. They put the viewings and amazon puts the ads that the brands buy from them. Some of those apps and platforms have already started working with amazon and incorporating ads that their team manages. This is what is already happening with the cnn, discovery or a&e apps. How does amazon convince them to leave advertising in their hands? The key is, as the journal points out , in the return it promises.

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Based on the arguments you use to convince them. You promise them that they will get ads with higher returns ($40 cpm). Than what other competitors are selling. If we add to this the fact that many of these platforms have a large stock. Of advertising space that they cannot sell, it is understandable why the idea. Seems especially advantageous to them (although some players are hesitant to give more power to amazon). Amazon also uses the same starting point that it uses. In its advertising strategy. The segmentation will be more efficient because they are based. On the browsing and purchase data that they have accumulated in their ecommerce platform.

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