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How do you ensure that you write them in such Cameroon WhatsApp Number List a way that people do read them? Or at least that the message gets across well and your reader can quickly find the information he/she is looking for. What are good ways to make your policy document readable? Martijn Jacobs gives 20 tips for this in his book Texts that are read (affiliate). Use the table of contents as a summary Many reports start with a summary.

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Quite useful, but they are often much too long. The Cameroon WhatsApp Number List summary should be short and should contain the main messages. If you also give the chapter titles that contain the core message, then your table of contents is immediately your summary. This makes it immediately clear what the entire report is about and it is easier for people to find the right information. So two birds with one stone.

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Make texts logical with the Toulmin model Cameroon WhatsApp Number List Sometimes texts go from hot to here and you immediately wonder where the author actually wants to go with the text. You write clearly through it and, despite the fact that Jacobs doesn’t put it that way, I also think that it makes the lyrics more convincing. The idea is that you ensure a logical structure of the text. You make a claim that you then substantiate with facts. You actually have to prove and justify those facts again.

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