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And, although the campaign does not have millions of views on youtube (yet). It serves to exemplify a trend. If someone is willing to watch a. Rack of ribs roasting in the oven for a long time, it is because the sounds. The layout of the image and the construction of the message fit in with an emerging trend. It’s asmr. Asmr has served to explain brexit (the bbc has already done it). To sell products and to create – which is the important thing – a wide community of followers. Asmr, an acronym for autonomous sensory meridian response. Is one of the growing elements in the relaxation market.

In front of the camera, the protagonists of these videos speak in whispers, make pleasant noises and try to relax those on the other end. This content was born a few years ago (in 2016 google already pointed out that it was one of the great Bolivia phone number trends on youtube) and since then it has multiplied on both youtube and instagram. It has become a very powerful fashion, so much so that brands have begun to take note. The brands add up ikea, kfc or mcdonald’s were among the pioneers that launched asmr videos, but they were not the only ones that have been joining the trend.

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The moment of glory of branded asmr came, in fact, in the last edition of the super bowl, when one of the ads – in this case from the anheuser-busch brewery – was presented in that key and completely broke with what was being done on that commercial break. Brands had discovered that they could sell using asmr . For companies in the food universe, which were already present with their products in the asmr universe due to the nature of their products, these videos are an element with great potential to position their products, as they recalled in an analysis this summer in the grocer .

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After all, there are already asmr cooking channels on platforms like youtube, and many of the noises that are considered positive (like crushing cookies or fizzing soda) are associated with products. Coca-cola even did a campaign that didn’t need sound: it was a press image of a bottle being opened. The soothing sound was added by the consumer’s brain. The potential is very high, as long as the brands understand the limits (they are videos associated with relaxation and, indirectly, with mental health) and their strengths. If you understand these points, the return can be very high.

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Apple showcased , for example, the ultra-high-quality capabilities. Of its latest iphone model by putting its cameras to record asmr videos. Are children too exposed to unhealthy food advertisements and are companies. Taking too much advantage of the windows of opportunity they have to connect with. Them with advertisements that overly manipulate their perception of things? This is one of the recurring questions that analysts. And experts in healthy eating ask themselves and which, as different studies have shown. Has an answer that could not be very favorable for the reputation of the companies involved.

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