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I put together an opinion of value for around $750 that looks at the last three years tax returns and current profit. And loss and balance sheet. All this information is then rolled into a 19 page report. That includes comparable sales data from sales in the same industry to arrive at a price the business will sell. Looking at the tax returns and profit and loss statements are critical as too many sellers offer financial statements that are inaccurate or would not be accepted by a buyer or lender.

How to Build a Sustainable, Durable

Just recently I was asked by a buyer to appraise a small business from cash Canada WhatsApp Number List flow projections the seller had put together and convinced the buyer his business was worth. After finally getting meaningful documents and information my value . Less than half of the sellers as there were errors in his projections. Once the seller knows the value of his business and still wants to proceed, one of the steps.

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Scalable and More Profitable Business

I take is to see what third party finance is available. Most sellers don’t want to sell the business and carry any finance. At the moment, the main form of lending to buy a small business is SBA lenders. These banks will look at writing an SBA loan but they do not lend for all businesses in all industries.

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